[Yaesu] FT 5200

Nate Bargmann n0nb at networksplus.net
Mon Jun 16 23:02:26 EDT 2003

* james <james-s at supanet.com> [2003 Jun 16 17:31 -0500]:
> Hi Can any one tell me if the fan should come on with TX or only when the temp exceeds a certain point

It's supposed to come on at a certain temperature, but I think that
point is too high if you ragchew a lot.

After having Yaesu replace the 2m module in my FT-5100, then replacing
the UHF PA myself and then buying another FT-5100 with the 2m module
burned out as well.  I decided to apply a mod that is common to the

When I had the covers off I located the wires coming from the fan, which
had to be removed anyway to replace the 2m module, and bridged a
resistor from the solder pad that the black wire goes to and the shield
over the PA module.  I played with several values, but believe I settled
on 330 ohm.  This keeps the fan moving at low speed whenever the radio
is on and seems to keep the set much cooler.

Experiment as fans are cheaper than PA modules!

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