[Yaesu] FT-757GX Sudden Drift

David Vondrasek n5ito at davidv.net
Sat Jun 21 13:32:08 EDT 2003

By 757 has all of a sudden started drifting down about 1.5 kcs. Then after
a while jump back on freq. It's not a slow drift it just jumps down. I can
turn the dial and get back to the station and after a while it goes back to
where it belongs.  I don't think it's heat related as it does it 3-5
minutes after I've turned it on. Anyone seen this ? Have an idea what the
deal is ? I notice the TX is a little wrong also while it's drifted. I
can't get full power. Once it gioes back I have a full 100 watts again.

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