[Yaesu] Hi Tom, RE: Microphone modifications.

Carol L Maher w4clm.ham at juno.com
Fri Jun 27 19:39:57 EDT 2003

Hi Tom,
Carol here in Charlotte N.C.
Tom you sure seem to me to be a smart fella !! Hee Hee..
I impressed by your posting about the audio filter
kit modifications for your microphone.

I do not have an MD-100, so I know very little about it or the
problems that you speak of when using your modification kit.
However when reading your posting it brought to my mind an idea, 
is this modification good for other microphones.....in other words,
I'm not real sure what exactly the kit is doing.  Is this an
impedance matching device, a switching modification, 
or does it have anything to do with the audio frequency
response of the microphone ? 

This is where I'm coming from, I have a lot of the older 
FT-101B/E/F series rigs around here and I really like using
the D-104 type microphones for their feel and appearance.
The response of a D-104 is primarily centered around 
a frequency response of 3 Khz for normal communications
type quality.  Ok, but that's  not so great. 
I was wondering if your modification would flatten
the frequency response out across the board from 
20Hz thorugh 20,000 Hz....  
I know that's a lot to ask, but it's a rough figure.

There is a guy on the Internet doing just this type of modification
for the D-104, but he wants $100 to do it and I think it's a bit
much.  It sounds good from what I can tell, but it's still a lot of
dough to lay out for a modification.  I've got at least three D-104
microphones that I use on and off and a few more attached to
some older AM equipment and I'm CHEAP !! Hee Hee...
So I really don't want to cough up $100 to modify a microphone.

Here is the link, for the fun of it you might want to look at his
page.  He also has several wave file that you can listen to of the
before and after modifications. It's very interesting and sounds
See: http://home.attbi.com/~esprepair/d104.htm

So there you have it Tom, it doesn't sound like your kit is
capable of changing the microphones audio frequency 
response curve, but maybe you have some other ideas
or other kits and things you have worked on in the past
and would be willing to give me some pointers.

Thanks Tom
Carol Maher

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