[Yaesu] FW: [TowerTalk] W4AN Silent Key

Joe Subich, K4IK k4ik at subich.com
Sun Apr 4 23:29:12 EDT 2004

The following was posted to the Topband, Towertalk and Amps reflectors 
today.  I have no further information and have heard no discussion of 
the future of eHam.com or the contesting.com reflectors. 

I hope that each subscriber to this list will keep Bill and Dana in 
their thoughts and respect Tom's instructions and Dana's wishes in 
this incredibly difficult time. 


   ... Joe, K4IK 


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It is with the deepest regret imaginable that I must report the
death of my dear friend and fellow amateur W4AN. Bill unexpectedly
away this morning. Bill was a good friend of mine, and he was a great
to the community.

As you all probably know Bill's server supports the contesting
and other heavily used amateur radio related Internet services. For
who helped Bill support that large financial burden, I can tell you he
appreciated it. I know operating the servers that support these
and web sites were a considerable drain of Bill's time and money, but he
felt it a worthwhile contribution to our community.

For personal radio-friends or close acquaintances of Bill's who wish to
respects: If you contact me with your reply phone number I'll let you
what type of arrangements are being made and how you can express your
memories of Bill.

In the event the contesting server goes down and you have NOT heard back
from me in a few days, contact K3LR at K3LR.com .

Dana will contact me when arrangements are made, and I'll make sure the
gets out as best possible to anyone wishing to send flowers. In case all
communications cease via the contesting.com servers, I'll try to get
something out to via landline and Tim K3LR at the above address. It is
important I have the phone numbers of anyone who will attend the
service for Bill. It's common sense we bother Dana as little as possible
right now, so I promised here I would handle all the amateur radio
interfacing. Dana has friends with her right now, and it is best she
have to deal with any questions.

I am in communications with Dana, and will pass along whatever
information I

73 Tom

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