[Yaesu] 1000MP MkV pin diodes

Brad Hedges bhedges at nc.rr.com
Sun Apr 11 22:19:23 EDT 2004

Kirby, W7SV, said:

My MK V has performed flawlessly for 1.5 yrs. Yaesu did the front end pin
diode mod which reduced the internally generated noise by about 10 db!!
Makes it sound like a whole different radio!! I just added the HP pins to my
FT1000MP, and it made a big difference also!! Hghly recommended!! HP
5082-3081 diodes.


Can you tell us more about this? I am somewhat familiar with InRad's noise
blanker mod which cuts down IF noise - is this a related and/or same thing?
Is there a web site talking about this? Did Yaesu do this for free as a
factory recall kind of thing, or was it something you requested?

Thanks in advance,

A fellow MP (Field) owner and enjoyer,


Sergeant First Class, Infantry
82d Airborne Division

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