[Yaesu] FT-1000D mains transformer

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In the U.S. and Canada we have 240V 60hz. We use it mainly for amps.

Harris VK6AV VE6DK

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> For the sake of the archives, here's a corollary to the earlier replies.
> Having now had a chance to look at a 1990-vintage manual for the FT-1000,
> there's a section entitled 'Changing the mains transformer primary winding
> for different AC voltages' on page 5. Above it is a section on power
> connection, which amongst other things gives the mains fuse capacities for
> 100-117V (15A) and 200-234V (8A). Curiously, there isn't a specification
> such with this manual but I don't know anywhere in the world that uses
> 200-234V supplies with a 60Hz supply frequency, so it seems reasonable to
> assume that the transformer is specified with both 50 and 60Hz  operation
> mind.
> So unless the later models are substantially different, it would seem that
> we can put this one to bed.
> 73 John
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