[Yaesu] MK V PTT Spike

Mike Schatzberg cherokeehillfarm at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 28 16:53:25 EDT 2005

Hello Bill:

This is an interesting quirk of the Mark V.  I have tried to adjust the
processor gain carefully, to control the spike when running PTT.  I have
found that the noise level in the shack is also a factor here, meaning
blower noises particularly.  The AGC in the microphone preamp must ramp up
the gain when you first transmit, and then quickly ramps downward.

I have used a noise gate to cut off the input to the mic preamp, to help and
control the spike, which I need to use even with my MD 200 microphone.  I am
able to reduce the spike greatly, and the amplifier only outputs about 50
watts when I key up using PTT.

The spike is eliminated however, when I run VOX, and this is now my standard
method of working, and it works extremely well with gating.

I will shortly experiment with a downward expander before the mic preamp,
and see if this is an improvement over the noise gate.  Although I am
traveling now, and not at the shack, I will try this next week, and let you
know the results.

73 and Happy Dxing,

Mike Schatzberg
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> On SSB my MK V outputs a full power spike when I press the PTT button on
the Yaesu hand held mike. The level of the spike is related to the mike and
processor gain controls. If I turn down either control the spike goes away.
Sounds like the PTT button makes a loud sound inside the mike case. Has
anyone noticed this? I am concerned since I am using a solid state amp after
the MK V Field. Are there better hand held mikes?
> Thanks;
> Bill W2PKY
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