[Yaesu] FTV-1000 transmission locks

carl at UDel.Edu carl at UDel.Edu
Sun Aug 12 12:18:29 EDT 2007

Dear Yaesu users,

I recently purchased a used FTV-1000 to go with my FT-1000MP Mark V, and just today have had an opportunity to do a "shake down", as it were.  I've noticed that if I try to transmit on either FM or CW, the transverter locks in transmit, and the only known way (so far) of stopping the transmission is to turn the unit off.  Perhaps needless to say, this does not occur on the Mark V.  This phenomenon does not occur on SSB or AM.  Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon, or have I bought a malfunctioning piece of equipment?  If others have noticed this, is there a way to correct this phenomenon?  Thank you for your help.

73 de Carl - K3NTH

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