[Yaesu] FL2100 to 1000MP help

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Tue Aug 21 10:19:16 EDT 2007

I believe the "50 volts" you are referring to, is probably the voltage on 
the amp relay. Not good with most modern rigs, and most modern amps just 
have around 12 volt relays.  You will need a cable that has some kind of 
protection circuit in it, or you will fry the relay on the 1000 MP. I think 
several places sell these. Maybe someone will see your post and know what 
kind of cable you need. It can probably be homebrewed if you're so inclined. 
Surely someone around who runs a 2100 or a Heathkit SB220 or some older amp 
that has a high voltage relay. I'm fairly certain you would damage your rig 
if you used a straight through cable.

Mike, K9MI

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> All,
> I recently bought an FL2100 (not a model B or Z, just plain 2100, 
> 80m-10m). 50V was mentioned but I don't know the significance of it.
> Any ideas how I drive this from the FT1000MP? I don't have a manual (or at 
> least it hasn't arrived yet from the seller).
> Thanks in advance
> Mike
> G7TWC (newbie to amps)
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