[Yaesu] FT100D and UHF self osciallation

Randy winger55552001 at yahoo.com
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Is the problem intermittent or constant?  If it is intermittent - is there
high moisture or something environmental that you can link to its
intermittency - a rainy day, high humidity, high temperature?  

Randy, N0LD

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I have a Yaesu FT100D which I bought used recently, in the 2K serial number
range.  It has the factory grounding-HI SWR mod done to it, and works fine
on 10 and 12m as a result.  However, it has recently started to show a
problem with self oscillation on 70cm.  It will show a HI SWR reading on SSB
and CW, but not on FM or AM for UHF.  This probably started about 3 weeks
after getting it in.  I opened up the case and tightened all of the circuit
board screws, and that helped for a couple of days.  This past week the HI
SWR reading wasn't occurring much until today, when it is now occurring all
of the time.

I have looked at the previous messages on this topic from the ft100
reflector, but am still a little confused on how to fix this.  As I stated,
the grounding mod was done at the factory, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Any other ideas as to how to fix this?  I bought it from Burghardt's about
30 days ago and it has 60 days left on the warranty so hopefully they can
either fix it (if I can't do it myself) or exchange it.  Just looking for
ideas as to where to start on this job myself.

73s John AA5JG
(ex: W5TD, NE0P)
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