[Yaesu] Info Needed, Yaesu Handhelds

Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 2 14:29:17 EDT 2007


A newbie to your reflector.    I have come to own a couple of Yaesu UHF hand 
helds, and am looking for infomation about them.  They are probably mid 70s 
vintage, judging from their size, and have NC 8 Drop in Chargers.  The model 
number is FTC-5203, and they have a 6 channel switch, and Touch tone pads on 
their front.
These examples operate on one channel, on 461.2125  and 465.2125 repeater 
They use NB 2 Battery Packs.
Anyone know:

1. If they can be brought down in freq to Ham bands?
2. Up in freq to GMRS frequenices?
3. Frequency Control; Crystal or Synthesizer?
4. If Synthesizer, can they still be programmed, chips and programmers still 
5. How much power output?


All the Best, 73,
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