[Yaesu] CAT FT-920 Interface

Silvio Martín LW9EOC lw9eoc at speedy.com.ar
Fri Sep 7 18:27:57 EDT 2007

Hi to all, name here is Tim and callsign is LW9EOC also as LS1D on contest.

Anyone would like tell me how is the connection the CAT to FT920 ?

I need the pin between serial port (DB9) to radio.  

I´ve used the pin 2 to 2 (RXD),  3 to 3 (TXD) and 5 to 5 (GND) but it´s not found on N1MM.  i´ve tried change the speed, bits and always on always on.

anyone could help me.  thanks for advance. 73 de Tim LW9EOC/LS1D

lw9eoc at speedy.com.ar

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