[Yaesu] Carry-on rigs and the TSA

Peter - LC0TC peter.lc0tc at combitel.no
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I've had an FT817 in my 'carry on' baggage a good few times in the last five
years, in Europe.
As well as the normal laptop, reduced toilet bag, etc. etc.

Reactions to the radio have varied as to the level of security alertness
practiced, or in force, at the particular airport.
Normally it is just x-rayed again, alone.
Sometimes it is inspected with a 'snifferscope' or whatever that tool is
called, looking for explosives or drugs?
At two particular airports the security people regard it as a CB rig and are
happy. Oh well, if that is what they are familiar with.

Now I place it in a separate tray as one is supposed to do for one's laptop.

Customs clearance is a matter one must pay attention to if travelling across
national boundaries, as per Peter Treml's response.

If I am travelling with any other (professional) equipment I put the
transceiver in with that and send it as hold baggage AND MAKE SURE IT IS
INCLUDED IN THE MANIFEST the despatch clerk makes out. Or we make an extra
one anyway.

I've noticed that the security people get interested when they see signs of
lots of wire and/or curly microphone leads, or large opaque areas in the
pictures they get. So think of this while packing and help them to smooth
your passage through the checks

For hold baggage a strong, resilient outer case is required and packing with
a shock absorbing material is necessary. The item packed must not be wedged
overtightly and must not be so loose it can 'flop' around.
It must be held in place and still have room to move if a strong shock is
Yes. I have watched baggage handlers, at many airports.

Professionally I have access to 'plastic suitcases' (called after a bird)
with fitted foamed plastic. Also aluminium chests with foamed lining are
used with several layers of bubble wrap around individual items. Normally,
just about everything survives airfreight, usual casualties can be ISA or
PCI boards that slip out at one end. Memory modules that fall out. TFT
screens that get warp/twisting damage.
These fatalities are usually countered by an improvement to securing, or
packing methods.
One particular PC model had a memory back-up battery holder, that wouldn't
hold a button cell. These are no longer used.

Note. You can never completely guard against malicious damage, or theft.

Don't pack anything as a family member did one Xmas.
They took all the presents to the local Post Office, purchased several
special pre-end, franked cardboard boxes and dumped the wrapped presents
therein, without extra packing or filling. Addressed the boxes and sent them
Pre-Xmas postal services make an effective milling or grinding service. At
least it was interesting sorting out which label or torn wrapper belonged to
which gift (or residue of a gift) and who should write the thank you note.
In the end, me!

Peter Ebsworth, LC0TC

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I hand-carried an IC756Pro through Newark to VP9 last year.  I had copy
of manual, US License, VP9 license.  It was overkill.  The TSA lady ran
it through x-ray and never asked what it was.  The guys with little
radios (IC7000, FT897, TS50, K3) report similar results.  I would NOT
put the radio in the hold as checked baggage; the handling gets a bit
rough at times.

73,  Blair K3YD

I would like to carry my little FT-897 in my carry-on luggage. Will the
folks at the airport get nervous about this? Should I put it in the

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I would like to carry my little FT-897 in my carry-on luggage. Will the
folks at the airport get nervous about this? Should I put it in the
luggage? Thanks! Steve, NN4T
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