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Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 31 16:38:02 PST 2009

You will not find a microphone much more accurate than the Heil 781, unless
you go to a pro mic used in the recording industry.  I am also a Shure fan,
but the 444 is not as good as the 781.  Check lab specs yourself.

Of course, if you are talking "how it sound over the air," then all bets are
off since that involves subjective opinion rather than empirical evidence.

73, Keith NM5G 

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Hi Hart:
            Your FT-2000D should already have a built-in speech processor. 
The W2IHY is NOT a speech processor but an eight band equilizer. Start off
by getting rid of the heil 781 and get yourself a Shure 444D dynamic desk
mic and you won't need to buy anything else to get excellent transmit audio.

I use the Shure 444D on all of my rigs including the FT-1000D.
    73 and Happy New Years from Fern   VE7GZ

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> Happy new year to all.
> I know that I'm a bit off topic here, but I'm currently using a 
> FT-2000 rig with a  heil PR-781 mic. I'm in the market for a speech
> Does anyone have any comments or suggestions as to which unit I should 
> seriously look at?
> P.S. So far the only two I see that are really worth looking into are 
> the Behringer units or the W2IHY EQ plus.
> 73's Hart va3kis
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