[Yaesu] Light Bulbs for FT5100

Sytech sytech at telkomsa.net
Sat Feb 7 14:25:40 EST 2009


I gave up replacing bulbs more than a decade ago and only install high
brightness LEDs.  It is not difficult to find a suitable size replacement
and to make it work at the right voltage.

You will do the job for the last time.

Deon ZS1ZL

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Subject: [Yaesu] Light Bulbs for FT5100

Hello all..can anyone tell me whether the backlight bulbs for the FT5100 are

available through Yaesu or is there another source?? Part numbers are

I have 2 which are blown and I cannot decide whether to replace bulb for

or change over to LED backlighting.

Any opinions welcome.



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