[Yaesu] FT-650 Key Clicks

N3XX n3xx at charter.net
Fri Jul 31 12:32:43 PDT 2009

Hi to all,

I have a recently acquired FT-650, and have been very happy with it until 
someone pointed out to me that it generates pretty bad key clicks.

I have tested on all three bands, 12-10-6 Mtrs. and had the same result.
Transmitting 100 watts out on the antennas I have for all three bands, and 
receiving on another receiver with no antenna connected I receive a little 
over S9 signal when tuned to the transmit freq.
When tuning the test receiver away from the xmit frequency, I quickly lose 
the CW tone, but clicks continue as I tune farther away.
At about 4 khz above or below the xmit freq., I'm still receiving the clicks 
at S1 on the receiver s-meter.
Tuning the receiver farther away from the xmit frequency, I get no s-meter 
reading, but clicks are still audible until I get to about 12 khz above or 
below the xmit freq.

Any FT-650 owners on the list who have had the same problem, and know of a 
fix?  I have found info about key click fixes on the FT-1000's and MP's, but 
nothing so far for the FT-650.

Sure would appreciate any help from someone who has already found the fix 
for this problem.

Thanks & 73,
Tim - N3XX 

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