[Yaesu] Plasma TV interference??

John Geiger aa5jg at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 18 18:41:24 PDT 2009

I was trying to run the Illinois QSO party today and 40m was getting clobbered by something causing an S9 noise level.  I wonder if it is a plasma TV in the area.  Does anyone on the list have experience with this type of RFI?  The interference I had was a buzzing/hash type noise that covered about 40khz of bandwidth.  It would occassionally disappear for a few seconds and then come back.  The 40khz of bandwidth that it did cover would move up or down the band slightly across time.  Does this sound like plasma TV RFI, or does anyone have an idea of what could be causing a noise like this?

The noise blanker on my Yaesu FT857D didn't do anything on this noise, and for a little while a S9 clicking noise showed up that the noise blanker did nothing on either.  Kind of a disappointing NB in the FT857, I will have to say.

73s John AA5JG


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