Fred ke5htb at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 00:45:50 PDT 2010


1st off I have a nice ft-60r and love it so much and use it daily and 
thats when my problem happened.
I placed the radio in my glove box in car and somehow the squelch knob 
broke off the center pin.
yaesu sells the switches itself but not the pcb vr-unit anymore. I would 
like to find the complete unit and replace what I have now completely 
and then buy a switch to fix the other board and have a complete backup 
pcb setup as I know it IS going to happen again I know that.

My problem is Yaesu does not sell them they said in a order email to 
them for part numbers.

here is the part numbers and what I would like to purchase. 1 of each of 

Here is what we currently have in stock:

J60800236   POT. TP76N00N 20KA/SW             $8.45    IN STOCK
Q9000739    ROTARY ENCODER TP76D96E20         $12.50   IN STOCK
CB2776001   AH017M000 VR-UNIT **OBSOLETE***   $15.40   Discontinued 

Unfortunately the VR-Unit is the only way to get the printed circuit board
which has been discontinued.  All we have is just the pots by themselves.

I am hoping maybe somebody has a broken ft-60r with a good vr-unit setup and wishes to sell it or if I have to purchase a parts radio it be ok also. I can not 
afford to replace the radio and with the 1 switch broken it sure is hard to reprogram it and everything that the knob uses. 
I am a disabled ham and do use thios radio when I am in my small shop outside and in my car or anywhere outside and just love the radio itself. has been a great radio. 
just them switches are not the best in the world for durability I think. it didnt take much for it to snap off right at the edge in the center of the knob. I can still use the squelch side as that part is ok. I just can not do any of the other functions I need to reprogram it. can not even use the program on PC cause I can not get to the correct menu on the radio to get it in prg mode/clone I think it is called. 

OR does anyone have a suggestion on how to reprogram the radio via PC without having access to this setup menu.
myself I am lost here. I can clear it out and program by 1 at a time and all of that but I have aprox 20+ to put in and it would take me a month to complete due to disabilities. 

if anyone knows a dealer or place to purchase this parts other then yaesu please let me know. I just need the full VR-UNIT mainly and I can order the new pot from yaesu and fix the 2nd unit for backup is my plans. 

PLEASE ANY help is greatly appreciated

Fred Rugar

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