[Yaesu] Yaesu FT-920

Adrian svitol at blably.com
Fri Jul 2 07:12:07 PDT 2010

hHllo to everyone ! 

I have recently acquired a yaesu FT-920 and i
wanted to expand his TX section. 

After a google search i've found the
method ( the one with the numeric passrod , the menu, then F menu . )

Well, the F menu won't appear. 

This is the procedure that i do :

Switching on the rig by keeping pressed Step + Lock keys. 

The numeric
password is : 076116 ( enter ) 

I press the Menu key 

and this is the
problem !! I can't find the "F" sub menu. The Menu start with U letter,
from 01 to ( like ) 73 and get back to 01. 

So i can't get the "Destina"
function to choose from Ham and/or Outside. 

Any tip/hint please ? i
really don't know what to do :( 

Thanks in advance 

'73 de Adrian iz3svi

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