[Yaesu] FT1000MP Key click mod

Peter Sundberg sm2cew at telia.com
Fri Jun 4 11:07:35 PDT 2010


This is what Tom W8JI says on his webpage http://www.w8ji.com/keyclick_mp.htm

"I initially clipped in potentiometers, so I could listen to the output and
adjust the clicks at 1kHz spacing. Both pots were adjusted for a null in
click amplitude. That null is rather sharp, and turned out to be around 30
dB deep. This takes the 1000MP from being one of the "clickiest" radios I
have found to one of the cleanest!"

Is it the 1000MP or the 1000MP MkV you have modified? As I understand it
the MkV is different and the mod is not as efficient on this model. My MkV
is a later model that was modified at the factory. Keying is decent, on a
scope the rise and fall times are very similar to my FT-990. 

Peter SM2CEW

At 13:31 2010-06-04 , g0afh wrote:
>Thanks Jan.
>The falling edge is definitely where the problem is. The rise time is 
>now around 8mS but the fall is still very fast.
>Perhaps I am expecting too much from this mod.
>Jan Erik Holm wrote:
>> Even with this mod the MP clicks. It clicks at the "break" side
>> so yes then the "falling edge" of the envelope is to fast.
>> You have to get at least 5 ms raise/fall time on the envelope
>> to make it decent.
>> Don´t know if it´s ever possible to get an MP "click free", I
>> know this much I would never use a FT1000MP on CW.
>> The FT1000D I have is a "boarder case". I tweaked fiddled with
>> it but I can´t say it´s "click free" however decent enough not
>> to get complaints from others on the band.
>> There is a W5 that claims he modified his MP and he says he got
>> it click free. However I have forgotten his call sign, Google
>> might be possible. As I understan it he did quite extensive work
>> on it.
>> / Jim SM2EKM
>> ------------------------
>> On 2010-06-04 11:13, g0afh wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I have just installed the W8JI key click mod to my FT1000MP. However,
>>> whilst I can see an appreciable difference in the rising edge of the
>>> keyed RF envelope, I see very little difference in the falling edge. The
>>> falling edge is still rather too fast.
>>> Has anyone else seen this, and is there a solution?
>>> 73
>>> Ian.
>>> G0AFH.
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