[Yaesu] FT990 tuner problem

Sean Sharkey g0oan at bethere.co.uk
Sat Apr 7 01:55:07 PDT 2012


You may want to check the relays either side of the tuner unit. I had one of mine
fail, it was stuck in the open position and so wasn't routing RF through the tuner.

Straight forward replacement solved the problem.

Might be worth checking.

Hope this helps.


On 6 Apr 2012, at 22:15, Privacy4me2 wrote:

> Hi Dave, thank you for the quick reply.
> Unfortunately the problem is not the battery, I just cheked it (again) but
> it it was too low/empty, the tuner would have behaved as it does with the
> backup switch off. (The battery is 3.18V in the backup on position)
> When the backup switch is off, the radio tries to tune everytime it is
> powered op again at every firtst TX, in one of the 39 memory sections. So
> the tuner seems to work fine.
> I just will not respond when I press START. When I press start, the RF
> output is on, but there is no tuning action. I can not figure out what makes
> the tuner start, or in this case fails to make the tuner start tuning.
> Regards,
> Edwin PE1PWF
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