[Yaesu] FT1000 going wokie

Frank Gilmore klycotek01 at mchsi.com
Sun Jul 29 17:36:52 PDT 2012

On 7/29/2012 2:10 PM, Kevan Nason wrote:
> Thanks Frank.  I appreciate the detailed advice.
> Most want me to start signal tracing from the antenna
> and use the tried and true method to pinpoint the issue.
> I guess I was really looking for a short cut and that
> by talking of the effect the menu selection had on the
> problem it might key someone in to the cause.
> I think the signal path is just fine and I am going to
> spend unnecessary time tracing stages.  Why?
> Because when I select one of three menu items (8-6,
> 8-9, or 9-1) the signal comes in loud and clear.  There
> is no S/N problem.  There is no weak stage to repair.
> Everything is just fine. So what is it in the circuitry
> that is different when one of those menu items is selected?
> Somewhere the logic/programming and signal paths
> cross.  That's the section where my problem most
> likely lies.  One person suggested the local oscillator
> board because that is what 8-6, 8-9, and 9-0 all affect.
> Sounded good to me.  But why do the menu items cause
> the signal to work when one of them is selected, but not
> work when they are not selected?  That's the part I'm not
> smart enough to figure out.
> No one yet seems to know why the menu item thing
> is doing what it is so guess I'll just start signal tracing
> and see if anything pops out. Maybe something will
> show up visually that I missed earlier as I trace signals.
> I doubt it though.  This acted like someone had
> suggested, a gradual breakdown of junctions due to
> an earlier near lightening strike.
> Thanks again Frank.
> Kevan
> N4XL
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Kevin I have done some more searching and came up with a couple of things that might help.
I dug through all my notes and etc and kept wondering why 9-1 was not 

To Google I went. A fellow in Germany how to get into the hidden menu on 
some models
of the 1000.  His info pertains more to the 200 watt model but he does 
give some details
I was missing.  Here is his URL www.dg8fbv.de/*ft1000*.htm.

It pertains to the filter board I mentioned in my first message (which I 
haven't installed) and
he corrects several settings with different values to get better 
performance.  His page did
not display quite right on my screen but I see what he is talking about.

I have two Field 100w manuals and neither mention 9-1 at all.  So am 
glad to learn this

Have a full tech manual for the 200 watt model when I find where it is 
hidden.  Hi.  It
may shed some more light.

Also discovered via Google that there are a large number of videos on 
Youtube pertaining
to our rigs.  Some are in other languages.  But will delve into them 
later tonight or tomorrow.

May attempt to replicate your setting on my xcvr.  I need to replace the 
battery since I have
had it about six years or so...RS has them.

I have file cabinets full of shop manuals and correspondence with most 
of the major ham
manufacturers during the years I was running sales and service.  I made 
it a practice to
buy a manual for each item of new equipment that came out.  A person 
can't have too much
service data although some of my good friends argue the point since so 
much of my house
is filled with them.  I sold and serviced high end audio equipment as 
well.  Never met a
book I did not want.


Frank  K0JPJ  ex-W5PVX

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