[Yaesu] FT1000MP Does not power up for 4 to 5 minutes

Jay Kesterson K0GU k0gu at verinet.com
Mon Jul 30 07:19:00 PDT 2012

On 7/30/2012 6:46 AM, Mike Gilmer, N2MG wrote:
> Not sure if this applies:
> http://www.va3cr.net/1000MP/Problems/DisplaySlow.htm
> Mike N2MG
>> On 7/30/12, Carl Lester <carl_s_lester at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> I was wondering if anyone has seen this one?  This started about a month
>>> ago. My FT1000MP sometimes does not power up.  You push in the "POWER"
>>> button and nothing happens!  It is most disturbing. But, if you leave the
>>> power button pushed in and wait for about 4 to 5 minutes, it comes on and
>>> everything is fine.  It does not do this every time, it does it every couple
>>> of days.  I can not seem to pick up on any pattern.  The only
>>> semi-consistent thing is the wait time until it powers up is always 4 to 5
>>> minutes.  The only other thing is it seems to more likely do it if I have
>>> not turned it on for a few days.
>>> Anyway,  has anyone seen this issue? Any ideas?
>>> Thanks! and 73,
>>> Carl,  K2YR

   Your mp is not turning on at all or has the issue where the display 
is slow to come on?

   My 1000mp sometimes has the slow display issue. But a couple of years 
ago it developed a problem that intermittently the internal PS does not 
come up at all for a few seconds/minutes then eventually hours. After a 
number of months the PS failed completely and I ran the rig on 13.8v 
until I could ship it off for repairs.

73,  Jay  K0GU

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