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Ken Simpson, W8EK W8EK at flham.net
Mon Jul 30 15:25:03 PDT 2012

Yaesu Items For Sale:
Two meter FM transceiver, 440 MHz FM Transceiver,
HF transceiver, Communications Speakers, Microphones,
HT accessories, and more

Yaesu "Landliner" SP-101 P Speaker and Phone Patch:

This is a nice speaker that has a phone patch added
to it. Its styling matches the FT-101 line, but it looks
nice with most any rig. It has a VU meter on it, as well
as controls for both transmit and receive gain.
I realize many people do not use a phone patch much any
more, but even if you do not use the phone patch portion,
you still have an excellent speaker.

This particular unit works fine, and looks extremely nice
as well. It is in its original box.

With paper work for $90.

Yaesu FT-227 RA "Memorizer" 2 meter FM transceiver:

The FT-227 is an FM rig with about 12 watts output (1.5 W
in low power) covering the entire 2 meter band. This is
the "A" model that has four memories. It has provisions
for installing a CTCSS subaudible tone module.

This rig was used on packet, and will make an excellent
APRS or packet rig. It works fine and looks fine. Since
it was used on packet, there is no microphone included,
but it does include power cord and paper work for $40.

Yaesu FT-720, UHF 440 MHz FM Transceiver:

The FT-720 is a synthesized rig covering 440 to 450 MHz
FM. It has about 10 watts out, with a good receiver. It is
especially immune to intermod. This unit is built like a
tank. Of course it has memories, memory scan, etc. The
mic has up/down buttons.

The FT-720 came in several configurations. A VHF (2 meter)
version, a UHF (440 MHz) version, and a dual band version
that used the first two units, plus a switch box. This is
the UHF unit only.

The rig includes a connector for PL subaudible tones. This
unit has a Comm Specs SS-32 attached to it, with the DIP
switches replaced with toggle switches, so that the tone
can be set, and changed easily.

This one works fine, and looks great. It includes the
chrome bail and paper work for $100.

Yaesu FT-990 Deluxe HF Transceiver
The Yaesu FT-990 features multiple direct digital synthesizers
for pure local signals for high performance. The triple-
conversion, general coverage receiver tunes from 100 kHz
to 30 MHz. It has an automatic antenna tuner. A 500 Hz CW
filter is built in. It has keypad entry. Power output is
adjustable up to 100 watts output (25W AM). The top panel
provides access for special user adjustments. A power supply
for operation from 120 V AC is built in, or it can be powered
by 13 V DC at about 22 amps.

General coverage receiver, tunes continuously from 100 kHz to 30 MHz
Modes: AM, USB, LSB, CW, FM, FSK
Iambic CW keyer
Automatic Antenna Tuner
Multi-function illuminated analog S-meter
Computer Aided Transceiver (CAT) allows computer control
via a serial cable with a DIN jack
Notch filter, IF shift, noise blanker, and a digitally
switched capacity audio filter
90 Memories
Dual VFOs
Built-in AC Power Supply
100 Watts Power
Noise Reduction
Digital Filtering
IF Notch
Manual and Auto AGC

This particular unit works fine, and looks very close to
perfect. This is a terrific radio. $875

Communications Speakers:

All have 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) mono plugs.

Realistic 40-1280
About 4 inch cube, this wood grain speaker is rated for up
to 7 watts, and has a 8 ohm impedance. It works fine,
sounds good, and looks nice. $18

Realistic 21-549 A
This one is about 4 inches square but only about 2 inches
deep. It is rated for 5 watts, has an 8 ohm impedance, and
is listed as a 300 to 3000 Hz frequency response, making it
ideal for communications. It is black in color, looks great,
and sounds great. $18

General Electric
This speaker is about 6 by 4 inches, and about 3 inches deep.
It is black with a gimbal mount. 4 ohm impedance. $15

Deluxe Desk Microphone:

This is a great looking and great performing low impedance
desk mic. It has a quality Shure 600 ohm cartridge in it
(the cartridge alone is over $40 new), with a very nice
black die case base and neck, with a chrome grill. It
looks somewhat like a Shure 444, but no plastic on this
one -- all metal!

This one has stripped and tinned ends on it, which means
any connector can easily be added.

This one looks like new, and works the same. It has a
long (approx 6 foot) cord.  $70

Yaesu YM-31 hand microphone:
The Yaesu YM-31 is a hand mic with a round 6 pin
connector. Apparently it is either similar or the
same as the MH-25A6j (not the MH-25 with the 8 pin
connector). It is a 600 ohm impedance hand microphone,
and has a Monitor on-off switch on the back. It should
be compatible with any of the Yaesu rigs that uses the
round 6 pin connector. It looks very similar to the
Yaesu MH-1.
This one works fine and looks extremely nice. $25

Cariole Headphones:
This is a nice pair of headphones of the type that
completely cover your ear. These are true monophonic
headphones, and not a pair of stereo headphones that
have been converted to mono. They have a molded mono
1/4 inch plug on them.
These work fine, and look extremely nice. $20

Yaesu HT Accessory Items:

Pryme Speaker Mic
This is the equivalent of the Yaesu MH-34.
It fits the Yaesu HTs with the 4 conductor 1/8 inch
(3.5 mm) plug, such as the VX-1, VX-3, VX-5, etc.
It looks like it has not been used. $28

Belt Clip for Yaesu FT-207, with hardware. $8

Wrist Strap for Yaesu FT-209, and others $4

Surge Station and Noise Filter:

This unit is still in its Radio Shack (#61-2327) box, never
used. It says it is for a notebook computer, but it can be
used with anything. It has connections for a computer network
(LAN, RJ-45 connector), the AC power, and for phone lines
(RJ-11 connector), and provides noise filtering and surge
suppression on each. It even includes $25,000 insurance
against surges. Maximum power rating is 1875 Watts, or 15
amps. Noise filtering is listed at 40 db.

This unit is new, in its original box, with its original
paper work. $12

Small Power Supplies:

Radio Shack 22-124 Regulated Power Supply

This supply is regulated and will furnish 13 V DC at up
to 2.5 amps. It is ideal for the lower powered 2 meter
rigs, or to get rid of that huge collection of wall warts.

This one works fine and looks extremely nice.
I do not find a scratch on it. $20

Micronta 22-120 A Regulated power supply:

This supply is rated at 2.5 amps at 13 V DC. It is
well regulated. It has a switch and LED power light
on the front, with a circuit breaker and output terminals
on the back. The case (left and right side and top) is
basically all a heat sink, so it should cool the
regulator well.

This one works fine and looks like new. No scratches. $30

A R R L Handbooks:

All of these are in the larger format.

1984 - 61st edition
It looks close to new. $15

1988 - 65th edition - Hard bound
This one is a couple inches thick.
Very close to new condition. $22

1992 - 69th edition - Hard Bound
Several inches thick with a lot of information.
This one looks like new, except for a previous
owner's call sign on the inside cover. $22

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, HF, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, and many miscellaneous accessories.
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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