[Yaesu] Rotor Connectors

Tom w3frg at comcast.net
Sat Sep 7 06:45:43 EDT 2013

Replacement Yaesu Rotor & Controller OEM cable connectors for models: 
G-450A, 650A, 800A, SA, DXA, 1000A, SA, DXA, 2800DXA, 5500 and many 
more. Available also are the small rectangular 6 pin male and female 
controller cable I/F connectors. Great for making cable extensions. 
Also, the round metal 6 pin NCS-256-P, 7 pin NJC-207-PF,7 pin 
NJC-207-Adm and the NJC-207-RM Flange Rotor cable I/F connectors.
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