[Yaesu] life of the FT-1000d going forward

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Mon Mar 3 20:39:32 EST 2014

Mac it’s not much different than many of the older radio’s.  Some parts are no longer available from Yaesu but that doesn’t mean the radio is not repairable.  There are a few folks that specialize in some of the higher end Yaesu’s.  The FT-1000D is a great radio...a classic.  I’ve thought about buying one myself.  The APF used in the CW mode is the best around and the receiver is great.  Just be sure you don’t over pay for the radio.  I wouldn’t give more than $1200-$1400 for one today and it would have to be in good shape functioning normally at that price.


As far as parts...I know the finals transistors are no longer available from Yaesu but there may be replacements.  The same issue exists for the FT-1000 MKV but I recently replaced some for a friend that were replacements that required a minor bias change and they worked great.


The fans get noisy but it’s usually hardened grommets that are used for isolation.  Sometimes they have come apart but not often.  Beyond that I don’t know much about any real pattern failures.


I’d say go for it.




From: Mac McCullough
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Subject: [Yaesu] life of the FT-1000d going forward

Readers:  thanx for the time,  I am actively considering buying a 
friends FT-1000D simply said,  am i buying a door stop in terms of 
future repairs and support, or does good and available support exist for 
this fine radio for some term of the future..
thank you all for your thoughts and opinions..

regards:  mac/mc  w5mc
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