[Yaesu] FT-920 acting up

Mark Endorf mendorf at centurylink.net
Fri Dec 16 21:28:10 EST 2016

I have had a FT-920 for 26 years.  Within the last week it seems to be that
the radio goes bonkers when operating in high power mode. (amplifier on). I
have had it appear to go key down (with a strange sound in the audio
monitor), also have had it start sending CW dits, spontaneously several
minutes after the last transmission, and found that the button enabling the
antenna tuner was inoperable until after a power cycle. I have read of RF
vulnerability in the antenna tuner circuitry, but only have read that this
gives problems with the functionality of the antenna tuner, and not the
entire radio.


Nothing whatsoever has changed in the setup here for the last ten years, but
it now seems my radio is possessed. Any ideas? 


I have not done any of the three levels of reset that can be done. I was on
the air this evening for over an hour with no symptoms at all.



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