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HF (+ 6 m) Transceiver, Automatic Antenna Tuner, 2 m multimode
xcvr, microphones, and more For Sale:


Yaesu FT-450, 160 thru 6 m Transceiver:

The Yaesu FT-450 employs state of the art IF DSP
Transmit frequency coverage is 160 to 6 meters.
Receive is 30 kHz to 54 MHz.
Power output is 100 watts on all bands.
Operating modes include USB, LSB, CW, AM and FM.
Automatic antenna tuner.

9 x 3.3 x 8.5 inches; 7.9 lbs.
Requires 13.8 VDC at 22 Amps.

400 MHz built-in IF DSP
Built-in Electronic Keyer
LCD Multi-function Display.
Bar-Graph Metering
Built-in TCXO ą 1 PPM/hour
Dedicated Data Jack for FSK-RTTY
User functions configurable by menu
Digital voice announcement of frequency, mode
and S-meter
500 Regular Memories and Two voice memories
CW Beacon function
10 kHz Roofing Filter

This one works like it should and looks fine.
Hand mic and long power cord included, along
with 3 manuals-regular Yaesu, special manual
written in American English, and service-for
only $450.


Automatic Antenna Tuner for Yaesu FT-990/FT-1000:

This high speed automatic antenna tuner is made to
install internally inside the Yaesu FT-990 HF transceiver.
It is controlled by the transceiver.
The manual says it is the same tuner as is used in
the FT-1000.

It has its own microprocessor and stores up to
39 settings in its memory for fast QSY.

This one works fine, and looks fine also. It includes
hardware for $95.


Yaesu FT-290 R II, Multimode 2 m transceiver
w/FL-2025 linear amplifier:

The Yaesu FT-290RII is a multi-purpose, multi-
mode (FM, CW, and SSB) 2 meter transceiver.

Coverage is 144-148 MHz. FM steps are 5/10/20
kHz. CW/SSB steps are 25/100/2500 Hz.

It is 6 x 2.5 x 7.9 inches in size.

Noise Blanker
Rugged, Light-weight
10 Memories
Digital Display
Semi Break-in CW
Two VFOs
S/RF Power Analog Meter

This unit includes the FL-2025 linear amplifier
to increase the power output.

This unit receives well, and has good audio in
both FM and SSB. It does have a minor
problem in that power output is low.

Includes FL-2025 linear amp, carrying strap,
hand mic, and both service and operating
manuals on CD.
Only $200.


DTMF Touch Tone Microphones:


Yaesu MH-15:
It will work with most any Yaesu rig with a
round 8 pin connector.
Two available.
One in great condition. $40
One not quite as nice, but still quite good. $35

Johnson 250-0761-010/CES 655 L
It has a 12 digit pad on the front, and is a rugged mic.
Presently with 4 pin connector.
It looks to be unused.


Rig Programming Software/hardware:

These days the rigs have so many memories plus other
features, that it is almost impossible to program them
manually. The ADMS-1802 takes care of this problem,
by letting you use the computer to program.

ADMS-1802 for Yaesu FT-1802 and maybe others

The ADMS-1802 consists of a hardware cable, plus
a software CD, plus instructions to program a Yaesu
FT-1802, and possibly other rigs.

This unit appears that it might be new. Everything is
included -- Software CD, Cable, and instructions. Also
included is the serial number to make the software work.

This normally sells for $48.95. Buy this one for
only $29.


Yaesu NC-9 B Charger
13 V DC at 45 ma, 2.5 mm plug; $12


Original Yaesu Manuals:

These are the manuals only. All are originals, and not copies.
Most are in close to new condition.

FNB-9,10,11,12 Battery packs, $2
FC-757AT Antenna Tuner, $10
FT-100 HF/VHF Transceiver, $18
FT-470 Dual Band HT, $10
FT-757 GX, HF Transceiver, $18
FT-720 R, 2 meter mobile, $8
FT-1802 M, 2 meter mobile, $12
FTH-2005 HT, $5
FTS-8 tone squelch unit, $3
FTS-12 tone squelch unit, $3
MH-1B A2B speaker microphone, $2
SP-101 P, Speaker / Phone patch, $5
VX-1 dual band HT, $10

These are original Yaesu operating manuals only,
in very nice condition.


I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.


Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400



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