[Yaesu] 5 pin mini DIN plug

Ken, W8EK kenw8ek at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 14:34:21 EDT 2020

Yaesu uses a 5 pin mini DIN plug on the FT-847.  This plug is used as 
a connector for a cable to key a linear amplifier.  Actually they use 
the same connector for HF, VHF, and UHF amps.

I had a very hard time finding a connector that fit.  Some (I assume 
from China) did not fit right.  I found some that DO fit fine.  I 
assume they are American, or possibly Japanese.  In any case, they do 
fit OK.

In order to get any kind of a decent price I needed to buy ten.  I 
need one to use on the rig, and want to keep one spare.  That leaves 
eight available, for sale.

They are $5 each (yes, I will end up making about a 16 cent profit!), 
plus shipping.  I can ship one, two, or three via first class mail for 

It is quite possible that these 5 pin mini DINs are used on other rigs 
beside the FT-847.

Please let me know how many you want.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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