[Yaesu] FT-2000: Low level TX signal output especially for transverter

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More details on page 111.... but basically no, the output is 28-29Mhz at
-10dbm, meant for use with vhf/uhf type of mixing transverters.

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Hi all,

According to the text on the page 32 of the operating manual, the "TRV
Jack", on the rear panel, provides a -10 dBm  TX signal, especially for a
transverter. In which frequency range is this signal available ? 
Especially, out of the classical frequency range. Is there a difference when
the JP3004 jumper is inserted ?

Can I operate on the 630 m or 2200 m band, using the signal on the "TRV
Jack" and a suitable amplifier ?

Best wishes,
Claude (DJ0OT)
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