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To: <3830@contesting.com>
Subject: N4OGW CQ 160 CW
From: torsten@mephisto.physics.uiuc.edu (R. Torsten Clay)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 96 9:36:36 CST
A "Saturday Night Special" operation from N4OGW/9 (Illinois):

Built a 160 antenna Saturday afternoon:  wire going 30 ft up a wooden fire
        escape, then a loading coil, then 65 ft more wire sloping up into 
        a tree about 70' tall. Ground system 1 ground rod, 1 chain link fence,
        a few short radials (all in 120x60 city lot)

TT Omni 6 + SB-1000 (500w)
3:20 operating time

215 Q, 46 Mult, 12 C  -> 32,480 pts.

I was surprised my antenna worked so well.  Even had a few Europeans call me--
that's never happened before!  About 10:30PM local, the Omni died, so I didn't
make it to Eu sunrise...barf.  Particularily annoying, as the rig just came
back from servicing 2 weeks ago.


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