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[3830] W4ZW NAQP SSB Florida Contest Group Team#1

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Subject: [3830] W4ZW NAQP SSB Florida Contest Group Team#1
From: w4zw@home.com (W4ZW@home.com)
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999 11:37:39 -0400
                NA QSO SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 21-Aug-99, 22-Aug-99

    Callsign Used : W4ZW
        Operators : JON, W4ZW

         Category : SOAB
 Default Exchange : Jon Florida

    Hours Operated: 6:01

        Team/Club : Florida Contest Group Team #1

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80SSB      74          74         74      30
   40SSB      85          83         83      38
   20SSB     193         192        192      43
   15SSB      39          39         39      23
   10SSB      17          17         17       3

 Totals      408         405        405     137

    Final Score = 55,485 points.

Part time effort with an hour here and there. Started on 15 but had to take
my son to a birthday party 1/2 hour into the contest.  Checked 10 with a CQ
in the second hour when I got back and worked a dozen W6's with HUGE
signals, all 10 to 30db over S9. Went to 15 and tried moving western states
to 10 with NIL results.  Only the W6's were coming thru.  But did work 9J2AM
on 10 and he was 30db over!  Was called by a few SA stations who were also
S9+ off the back of the beam.  After that, never heard the band open again.
20SSB was awesome here with just about everyone S9+. Worked one fellow in AZ
who was testing his 150 milliwat rig and he was S8!  Hope somebody signed up
S51CK to a team, Ivo was running stations as a furious clip.

All my beams and antennas are tuned for low CW and my FT-1000D could just
barely auto-tune the 40M beam, but had RF in the voice keyer on 40 and 80.
The Delta loop worked well on 80, but had a S8-9 noise level here.

Glad to finally find N4DL, K4XS, and KR4YL on 75.  Some of the Texans
commented that there sure seemed to be a lot of FL stations on, but not
heard here.  Every time I do this, I remember why I like CW so much.

 I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations
established for amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct and true
to the best of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by the decisions of the
Awards Committee.

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW
Casey Key Island, FL

"A little bit of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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