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[3830] All Asian CW K3EST(@N6RO) M/M HP

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Subject: [3830] All Asian CW K3EST(@N6RO) M/M HP
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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 00:08:36 +0000
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                    All Asian DX Contest, CW - 2021

Call: K3EST
Operator(s): K3EST K6AW KN8U N6RO N6WM WA6O WX5S
Station: N6RO

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Remote Operation

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:    6     5
   80:  108    53
   40:  596   142
   20:  608   193
   15:  151    62
Total: 1471   455  Total Score = 721,630

Club: Northern California Contest Club


At last we had a mostly on site team for the AA CW. Only one station was remote.
It was 1000% better in person than remote. Although the A and K were low the
whole weekend, it was not really reflected in the real conditions. 15 was mostly
closed except at the very end of the test. 20 was open to some part of Asia for
48 hours with the peak JA opening occurring about 07z both days. The signals
during non-peak times on all bands were weak with QSB. We tried 10 but nothing
Lots of Asiatic Russia activity and for the first time in more than a decade we
worked 3 VUs on 20 and heard another 3. Special thanks to W9KKN for fixing an
RRC problem on Stn2, N6TV helped getting the KPA1500 running, and to K6AW for
loan of that FB amp. There are 150 prefixes in Japan and even from here on the
west coast we only captured 76% of them Thanks to everyone who called us. Thanks
to Ken N6RO for providing the station + chili Saturday night. 

160M N6RO: 160 was worse than expected, which was not much.  although the band
was quiet, there were only two signals a few dB out of the noise - JA8YOH and
RA0FF. The other four JAs had severe rapid and long term QSB, below and peaking
at the noise level with. QSOs taking many repeats.
80M WX5S: In spite of the very low A and K numbers, propagation (signal
strengths relative to noise) wasn't all that good. I expected better. Activity
on the 2nd night was lackluster. First 80m QSO of the contest was with JE1CKA
and JH4UYB showed up in the next 15 minutes. There were many BY stations spotted
and heard with good signals. It seems they cannot hear very well probably due to
local QRN problems. Some of these guys were hitting the CQ button again too
fast. Advice is to listen long enough for me to send my call sign at least once
if not twice. I did make a Q with BI4SDT.  This was painful for us both!  The OP
did an excellent job. I know that he didn't hear me well. But we were both
persistent. I thank that OP. This Q took maybe 10 "overs". That is
40M WA6O 40 was open to some degree from 0600 to 1400z. Lot of JA stations.
There was a noise from Asia that came on in the late morning that wiped out the
whole band for 15 mins or so at a time. The signals had QSB and many were weak;
however, 40 proved again to be a workhorse. 
20M: K3EST and K6AW: The band never closed completely to Asia. With high points
around 07 (midnight local) and both mornings from 1300 to 1700z into the China
and Asiatic Russia. Nice to work several UN stations, Working EX8MJ, T6AA and
several VUs made for a fun time. Condx were such that signals were generally
weak with QSB until the peak times. 

15M: N6WM: Rough condx and band barely open the entire contest, with weak but
workable stations in JA throughout their window of availability (likely only the
high power stns) with a difficult rapid qsb.  A reprieve in the last 90 minutes
of the contest brought slightly stronger signals, a welcome 47th hour run
including some deeper Asian stations, some of the lower power JA and more
welcomed multipliers.  Those who chose to pull the plug early would have missed
10M K6AW and N6RO: we tried beaming scatter and direct but nothing heard.

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