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Subject: [AMPS] Amp Supply History
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Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 11:11:31 EDT
On Fri, 25 Apr 1997 21:38:16 -0400 "Tom Rauch (W8JI)"
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>Denny Had could not make Amp Supply work, and it folded.

Actually Amp Supply was starting to work quite well just before the end.
Quality control had been drastically improved; input and output circuits
were redesigned and new products were coming out. The LK-700 with one
3CX800A7 and the LK-780 with a pair were just starting to ship when the
axe fell. A 6M amp was next. 

Denny had new bank financing in place for the expansion.
The failure was due to Denny's personal life and may be  the divorce that
Rich was thinking about. It was very nasty and caused the company to
fold. The bank called in the note and auctioned off the company shortly
after trying to run it themselves. I had the LK-780 prototype that I used
for some of the design consulting here until last year. It was our
contest multiplier amp and it never failed, arced, burped or farted. It
is now in Italy....probably running 400W... 

I have no doubts that Amp Supply would have otherwise survived. Their new
product ideas were years ahead of  what a few current companies are now

73....Carl   KM1H

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