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[AMPS] Alpha 78

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Subject: [AMPS] Alpha 78
From: (David B. Ritchie)
Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 11:33:44 -0700 (PDT)
Its a great amp; the tubes are 8874s (the aircooled version of the 
8873/4/5 series); the resistor array mounted below the tube deck is a 
padding arrangement to allow 100+ watt transceivers like Collins, Drake 
to operate with the amp easily -- normally shouldn't take more than about 
50 - 60 watts to max it out.  With brand new tubes, you can get > 2000 
watts out on 20 M -- more typically you should get around 1500.  To get 
1500 you need to get it tuned up very carefully --
1) if you use bandpass tuning, you might want to tweak the bandpass caps 
to mate with your antennas;
2) if you use manual tuning, a two tone test and an oscilloscope are very 
good for getting it properly tuned (e.g., TS950 series and SM230);
if your antennas aren't exactly 50 ohms and you use bandpass, you'll get 
a little less power out, but it really shouldn't make much difference.

Make sure you get/have an instruction manual -- they are still available 
from Alpha-Power (970-535-4173)

If your front panel is grundgy (they used an epoxy-velour paint 
originally which decomposes in ozone) I have a spare for sale for $80 on 
an exchange basis.

Good luck
Dave N7UE

On Sun, 4 May 1997, Ernesto M. Grueneberg wrote:

> Hi guys:
>       While watching the alpha 78's manual, I realized it has some resistors 
> in parallel between the rf from the exciter and the 8875s Can't remember how 
> many, but the value was 15 ohms. I wonder what purpose they serve, with such 
> a low value and also wonder if they can be removed, to increase drive => 
> output power??
>       besides, anyone can provide any hints about this fine amplifier. I'm 
> only able to get 1,1 KW (with 100 W drive) and thought it should be at least 
> 1.5 KW.
>       Thanks for any answer.
> Ernesto LU6BEG  
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