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[AMPS] neutralization

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Subject: [AMPS] neutralization
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Tue, 20 May 97 14:56:19 -0700
>Rich Measures wrote:
>(in reply to me)
>>>Don't need to - I'm sure you're correct that those resonances exist, and
>>>that they need to be suppressed. 
>>The grid and anode VHF resonances can Not be suppressed----slightly 
>>moved, yes.  
>"Suppress" has two meanings. I agree that the resonance cannot be
>totally eliminated; I meant "suppress" in the sense of "restrain" or
>"hold down", which is what the suppressor networks do. ....snip.......
Are you talking about increasing suppression/restraint  by increasing 
resisistance, or by decreasing it?  
Ian:  To illustrate your point for us, please design an Rs/Ls suppressor 
that would be suitable for use with a single 3-500Z--such as the W8JI and 
AG6K suppressors used for Wes' measurements.  To simplify calculations, 
please assume that Ls has zero ESR at 150MHz.  According to Wes, the 
nichrome Ls had 2.7 ohms of ESR at 150MHz.  
>NO! This is where Rich still doesn't see it. He misses out the essential
>parallel -> series circuit transformation - and that turns all his
>conclusions upside-down. 

Ian:  Do you feel that my discourse on parallel/series transformations on 
page 27 in the March 1989 issue of *QST* magazine was in error?  .If so 
in your opinion, where did I miss the boat?


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