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[AMPS] Experience with K2AW rectifiers anyone?

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Subject: [AMPS] Experience with K2AW rectifiers anyone?
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Wed, 28 May 97 08:54:24 -0700
>W8JI wrote:
>>> The need of equalizing resistors and spike caps due to diode manufacturing
>>> variations pasted almost two decades ago.  Old habits are slow to die.
>>Interesting. What manufacturing process suddenly changed or 
>>I've heard that mentioned several places, does anyone know the
>>source of that information?
>For my monthly magazine column, I checked that information with Ken
>Stewart, W3VVN, who wrote the Power Supplies chapter for the current
>ARRL Handbooks. Ken is a power supply designer for Grumman, and I asked
>him to expand on the relatively few words in the Handbook
 IMO, adding more words is not always better, Ian--unless one is getting 
paid by the word!   Adding to Ken Stewart's well-worded statement on page 
11.9 in the ARRL Handbook hardly seems like gilding a lily.   The 
bottom-line is that rectifier "equalizer" resistors can CAUSE reverse 

The puzzler is why did Mark Wilson and David Sumner publish 1200 words in 
the 9/94 issue of *QST* which contradicts what Ken stated in the 

  Tom Rauch was right about old habits being slow to die.    

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