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[AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!

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Subject: [AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!
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Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 15:46:01 -0800
Hi fellows, 

I feel the need to clarify my earlier postings regarding Alpha
Amplifiers.  I have received numerous Emails about my last posting, not
to mention a telephone call from the President of Alpha Power.  I would
like to clarify my position on the Alpha Company which is based on my
personal dealings with them.

The Company itself relies on word-of-mouth testimonials as a major part
of their marketing stratagies.  However, I can honestly say, that the
company is  greatly lacking in customer service.  I called the company
several times, and they would  not answer any of my questions regarding
input vs. maximum output of their products.  I was repeatedly told by
the company that this was a legal limit amplifier.  When I continued to
asked, they said, "It's an Alpha, that's all you need to know.  Ask your
friends."  (I don't want to get sidetracked on the legal limit aspect, I
am fully aware of the FCC's regs on legal output)  I was amazed by their
attitude, If I am going to  invest a large amount of money (3-6k) I want
to know what the products capabilities are for general purpose.  Just
like when you buy a sports car, you want to know how fast it can go, it
may go 145MPH but legally you can only drive 65MPH (may be more or less
depending on where you live, but definately no where near 145).

If they are this hesitant to answer questions about their products, what
is their service like when you need repairs to your amplifier????  I was
very put off by this concern of mine, so I decided not to buy an Alpha,
I purchased a Command Technologies amplifier instead. However, I did use
a colleague's 91b for a short while and I have not come to a conclusion
about the feelings are that  it is no better or worse
than other amps I've owned or used. 
 When I was seaching for the "perfect" amp,I spoke with
Henry,Ameritron,QRO,Command Tech.,and Alpha. None of the other companys
had a problem with spending time on the phone with me. I wanted a
big,reliable,amp.....and was prepaired to spend some money for one. And
I did. I spent close to $6000.00 for a amp that will deliver! 
 Now I'm back in the market for a 2 tuber ( 3cx800's or 4cx800's ).
Hopefuly I will have better luck in my dealings with Alpha products in
the future. But it would take alot to turn my opinoin of them. And if
anybody asks me what I think of there amps....I say,"Think's not an Alpha"

73's and thanks for all the E-mail im bound to receive over this. But
just remember....this has all been "MY OPINOIN" and you my have a
different one. 


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