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[AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!

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Subject: [AMPS] RE: ALPHA AMPS...the contraversy continues!!!
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 98 04:52:44 -0800
>Hi fellows, 
>I feel the need to clarify my earlier postings regarding Alpha
>Amplifiers.  I have received numerous Emails about my last posting, not
>to mention a telephone call from the President of Alpha Power.  I would
>like to clarify my position on the Alpha Company which is based on my
>personal dealings with them.
>The Company itself relies on word-of-mouth testimonials as a major part
>of their marketing stratagies.  However, I can honestly say, that the
>company is  greatly lacking in customer service.  I called the company
>several times, and they would  not answer any of my questions regarding
>input vs. maximum output of their products.  I was repeatedly told by
>the company that this was a legal limit amplifier.  When I continued to
>asked, they said, "It's an Alpha, that's all you need to know. 
Very Interesting.  .   A similar version of such a statement is what 
Rolls Royce salesmen tell customers.  My neighbor bought one.  It was the 
most beautifully finished car I have ever seen, however, the electrical 
system proved to be extraordinarily hellish, so they reluctantly sold it. 
> Ask your
Sounds fair enough.  I asked friends and acquaintences who bought 80 
series Alphas for comments.  Roughly one third reportedly had to return 
theirs for service within 12 months due to some sort of sudden failure.  
These amplifiers were repaired under the warranty, but unvague 
information about the nature of the failure was noticably lacking upon 
the return of the amplifier.  It seems to me that Alpha is not telling 
owners what they need to know.  
-  It seems to me that  Mr. Erhorn's statement, that no Alpha has ever 
had an instability problem, is unrealistic, if not hubristic.  I 
autopsied a number of kaput tubes from Alphas during the past ten or so 
years, and failures due to gold-sputtering were common.  {photographs in 
9-90 QST, "Parasitics Revisited"}.  Alpha amplifiers undoubtedly have  
fewer parasites than SB-220s, MLA-2500s, 3K-As, and TL-922s, but they not 
absolutely immune.  .  .  Every HF amplfiier I built was not perfectly 
vhf-stable, except for one, the 4cx3000A, AB1 grid-driven, and even 
though it's ten years old, I wouldn't bet a cup of coffee that it won't 
have a problem before the end of the month.  .  
>If they are this hesitant to answer questions about their products, what
>is their service like when you need repairs to your amplifier????  I was
>very put off by this concern of mine, would I
> I decided not to buy an Alpha,
>I purchased a Command Technologies amplifier instead. 
Have you ever measured the heater potential at the tube sockets in yours, 


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