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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 13:48:08 EST
In a message dated 98-03-08 19:25:10 EST, you write:
  Your right my humble opinion I do own the best. Commander
  2500E.Clean, reliable, watts. And P.R. from the company that speaks for
  it's self.
   I glad to see you voice your feelings. As far as cars go....i would'nt
  buy one from a compy that tells me "just buy it for the name" or " it's
  a _____ and thats all you need to know". Would you??? 
  73's and thanks for all the E-mail regarding MY personal feelngs.
  Stan KF6IKC 
 Hi Stan,
 'Congrats on your new amp i know how you feel.
 I felt the same way when I bought my alpha/eto 91b.
 I have had it abt a year now and several others in the Atlanta area
 all bought theres after they played/heard mine.
 I went through the question and answear time period just like
 everyone probably does that is ignorant on the subject of amps.
 I wanted the power so I compared CALLED several times to all of the
 BIG three (4) commander,qro,ameritrion, and of course ALPHA/ETO what ever.
 All were very customer concered pleasent and helpful. Not a question was not
 answeared that I could think of.........
 THE ONLY reason I picked the ALPHA was 1. Implied reliabality from several
 other hams 2. warrenty is the longest of the 3/4. 3. IDIOT proof and if you
 have not tried or used one as I have you will never understand. It has stood
 up to this operators stupidity.
 So another side to the story...we all are faced with these decisions on other
 things in or daily lifes and we make the decisions as we best can......
 IYou know the old saying about on any Sunday......the same applies to anyone
 who might call a certian manufactor (ANY of the 3/4) and get a crappy
 IF all the salemen at the car dealer had that attutuid none would get sold.
 I thinkk it was your SUNDAY.
 73 de KR4DA Lawrenceville I LOVE MY 91b
 of  course my wife too.
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