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Subject: [AMPS] What ever
From: (KR4DA GRIP)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 14:22:02 EST
In a message dated 98-03-09 14:13:10 EST, you write:

 These amps sound good.  Isn't Alpha the only one that claims it can run 1500W
output continuously (no time limit)?   Do the others also?

Hi Jim,
The 91b is supposed to.....BUT I believe they want you to purchase a seperate
external fan.
I like and run rtty so I added this fan...but it was not obtained from alpha.
I also use a in/door outdoor digital temp probe at the exhaust of the tubes
and the temp has gotten as hot as 150 deg..but usually causel operating got
it to 115 or so.
I also only use the fan when I shut down the amp....amp power off then power
fan on.
I WAS led to believe you should do this for cooling off.....other probably
just let the amp run idle for a few minutes.

Please do not tell me about some crayon or paint for proper temp indications

73 de KR4DA Bob Lawrenceville GA

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