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[AMPS] Thanks Carl

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Subject: [AMPS] Thanks Carl
From: (Stu Greene)
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 13:43:13 -0700
At 12:21 PM 3/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Gee it took you this long to go to the QRZ data base?? I've been waiting
>for someone to do just that. 
> And as far as experence goes...what does my age have to do with this??
>I've been using amps for 15 years. Probable have owned more BIG amps
>than most. Know lots of big CBers ( 10-50k watt stations) . It is a real
>shame that the technoloige of building amps and equitment has left the
>ham world behind. That is why I don't realy consider myself a ham. To
>many stuffy, know it alls out there. You would'nt fall into that
>catagory would you Carl? No wonder we keep loosing band space.
> Anyways...what is your point with this posting?? Do you think it will
>make me mad?? Well you'll have to do better than that.
Stan...most hams know how to spell "losing",  "equipment", "experience"
and "technology", so maybe you are right...maybe you're not a ham.

BTW, as a tech plus, you might want to look at Section 97.313(c)(2) of Part
97.  You're limited to 200 watts PEP on ten meters.

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