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[AMPS] Thanks Carl

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Subject: [AMPS] Thanks Carl
From: (Jon Ogden)
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 98 16:21:46 -0600
 > And as far as experence goes...what does my age have to do with this??
>I've been using amps for 15 years. Probable have owned more BIG amps
>than most. Know lots of big CBers ( 10-50k watt stations) . It is a real
>shame that the technoloige of building amps and equitment has left the
>ham world behind. That is why I don't realy consider myself a ham. To
>many stuffy, know it alls out there. You would'nt fall into that
>catagory would you Carl? No wonder we keep loosing band space.

People like YOU are why we keep losing band space (and BTW, last time I 
checked, none of the HF bands are in danger of being lost so don't give 
me that argument anyhow.).  It's the damn CBers who are running way in 
excess of legal power, QRMing their neighbor's TVs, phones, etc. that 
give all of us who legitimately follow the law bad names.  Because of 
jerks like you, when someone sees my tower, they automatically assume 
that I am a damn CBer responsible for their interference.

If you don't consider yourself a ham, then why use your callsign in your 
e-mail address?  Why hide behind a call and disgrace all of us who follow 
the rules and regs?  Get outta here!

And, no I am NOT an extra class ham either.  I am an advanced class, so 
it is not only extra class folks who feel this way.  We earned our high 
power priviledges and it is the dredges of society like you who want 
everything for nothing - who feel that they are "owed" everything just 
because they are an American citizen.

And yes, I vote Republican and am a member of the vast Right Wing 
Conspiracy that Hillary uncovered!

Go away and stop QRMing my radio and my mailbox!

Did someone say LID???



Jon Ogden

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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