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Subject: [AMPS] Re: Blowers
From: (Rich Measures)
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 98 10:15:57 -0800
>W7CW Jay E Ostrem wrote:
>> This may be an over simplification, but I think Rich is alluding to
>> it;
>> Let's say you are measuring back pressure on an installed tube,
>> utilizing a
>> manometer. It seems to make sense that if the back pressure is correct
>> for
>> the altitude, then the cfm should be correct also.
>> It should be possible though that you can reach a point where the tube
>> cannot pass anymore air, but the back pressure will increase.
>While its probably true that if the pressure is okay, then the flow is
>too *if you use the correct bases*, you can not apply this if you make
>your own bases, which many amateurs do.  Neither can it be applied in
>the case of some of the triodes (3CX5000A7, 3CPX5000A7, YC156,
>3CX15000B7) and others, where you need to cut some slots in the chassis
>for air flow. 

It can if one measures the differential pressure drop across the anode 
cooler with a manometer.


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