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[AMPS] ALC considerations with SB-200 and TS-430S

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Subject: [AMPS] ALC considerations with SB-200 and TS-430S
From: (KE3OK)
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 17:23:02 -0600
Hi Gang,

I just received my spiffy _new_ SB-200 amplifier today.  I'm using a
TS-430S as an exciter.  The 430 requires -8 to-10 VDC for ALC.  After
searching through the Heathkit manual I can't find anywhere that states the
ALC voltage of the SB-200.  Does anyone know?  Do I dare fire up the amp
and try to take a voltage reading from the ALC jack?  Any help will be
appreciated.  BTW, I won't be putting the amp into service for a few days
till I receive my soft key kit from Harbach electronics.  Thanks to all in
advance and 73,


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