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[AMPS] Plate RFC choke design

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Subject: [AMPS] Plate RFC choke design
From: (W6RU)
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 03:22:40 EST
For what it's worth...I agree totally with you. I have built many amps over
the years and had my share chokes melt down or blow up. The two chokes in
series works very well. I suggest as AG6K does, if your layout allows, to
mount the second rf choke at a right angle to the first one to further
decouple the combined internal capacitance.
Terry (x W6TG, N6UR)

In a message dated 98-03-26 23:31:05 EST, you write:

<< Personally, I would use a two choke system and try to wind the second 
 choke with a large number of windings.  Who cares if it is resonant in a 
 ham band, the first choke (resonant about 34 or 35 MHz) will still 
 function properly.  Try to get a large diameter core (>1") as the 
 inductance is related to the square of the diameter.  You'll get much 
 more inductance with 3 inches of windings on a 1.5" core than with 3" of 
 windings on a .75" core.
 I hope this helps.  People might think the two choke approach is goofy, 
 but let me tell you, it works.

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