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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 21:50:34 -0500

>>them if they were junk!
></color><color><param>0000,0000,8080</param> Henry has persisted in 
>unreliable components in their amps for years.  Ask Pete Dahl how many
>transformers he sold to replace the early Triad and current ECA
>transformers Henry put in their amps.  Even the Henry 8K-s have weak
>power supplies...all the guys around here who bought the vaunted
>8K-Ultras had to buy replacement transformers....  And don't overlook 
>history of failures Henry's had with the cheap Dayton blowers they use
>(e.g., in the 4K-Ultra).

We agree again Alan. Henry started off great but went down hill fast with
their cut rate parts, mechanical nightmares, shoddy work, etc.

>>Fact: The HENRY RF deck is and always has been very efficient.
>>I don't see anyone else using a custom made roller inductor in the 
>>door knob caps switched in for plate C. Why? costs too much if you
>>make the parts like HENRY does!
></color><color><param>0000,0000,8080</param>You and I both know Henry
>went to this make shift scheme as a cost reduction scheme, not because 
>was a better way to go.  And those roller inductors are a joke (go 
>at the Johnson and Multronics inductors if you want to see decent
>quality; Henry used to use them before the cost cutting took over.  
>By the way, roller inductors are notoriously unreliable in r.f. tank
>circuits due to arcing and pitting.  RCA used to use this fact as a 
>weapon in its sales campaigns against Gates  (RCA used tapped 
>Gates used roller inductors in their tank circuits; Gates transmitters
>were famous for "zorched" tank circuits).

Another comment in my prior post...crossed paths with yours. I suspect
that Dan has no real in depth RF amp experience otherwise he would not
make so many ridiculous claims....sounds like MFJ ad hype.

></color></bold>>Sheet metal? You must be looking at something else. We
>use aluminum.
></color></bold><color><param>0000,0000,8080</param> <bold>Last time I
>checked, aluminum was metal.  And since its used by Henry in sheets to
>make cabinets and chassis, its called "sheet metal" (see you learned
>something new, Dan).  At any rate, you dodged the issue.  
>Henry's cabinets <underline>never </underline>fit properly.  I defy 
>to show me a Henry amp cabinet with sheet metal fits properly with its
>screw holes (Henry is famous for making the screw holes on their 
>line up by reaming out the holes; as a result, their amps always look
>like they were made by "shoemakers")  

When I used to live out in LA area we used to take our cars across the
border for cheap rolled and pleated upholstery....they were notorious for
extra holes and poor fits.....maybe sub contract for Henry now ??

></color><color><param>0000,0000,8080</param> And while you're at it, 
>me a Henry amp cabinet that doesn't vibrate like the devil.  Guess the
>solution is to buy a 3 or 8K-Ultra and put it another room. That's a
>great selling point....  I don't use my 4K-Ultra very much for because 
>can't stand the noise it makes.  If you want quiet, don't buy a Henry. 
>Or at least, build an addition to the shack to isolate your Henry in
>(unless you don't mind operating in an environment that sounds like
>you're on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.
>Dan, the point of all this is to say that Henry amps are built for a
>price and are not the most rugged, reliable amps built. At least not 
>my 30+ years of working on them.
>Alan, W3BV

73  Carl  KM1H

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