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[AMPS] Henry 3K HV Plate Transformer, replacement

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Subject: [AMPS] Henry 3K HV Plate Transformer, replacement
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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 21:30:31 -0800
Dahl is expensive but worth every penny. The original plate xmfrs in the
older Henry's truely do suck. I have personally replaced five over the last
four years for various Henry owners. One of them was my own 1KD-5. Not sure
if they were Triads or ECA. Two were 2K decks and the other three were
1KD-5s.  Never understood why Henry did not go with a more rugged supplier
for the supply. The amps are very nice other wise--best RF shielding in the
buisness. I never did like having the filament winding on the same core as
the plate winding though. Drake and Heathkit did it right in the L4 and
SB-220. I have YET so find a bad SB-220 plate xmfr and this is OUTSTANDING
considering that they made well over 50K units.

The old 2K4 is still one of the best amps made. If I were serious about
beefing up the supply I would:
1. Go brand new with Dahl
2. Parallel an identical xmfr in with the original from another junked deck.

when in doubt see number 1.

Lane Zeitler
San Diego
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From: Paul Hicks, VE3BBH / VE3ZT <>
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To: <>
Date: Monday, December 14, 1998 8:28 PM
Subject: [AMPS] Henry 3K HV Plate Transformer, replacement

>If YOU owned a Henry 3K amplifier (bear with me, please) and you were
>hell-bent on repairing it with the view of NEVER blowing another plate
>transformer, and you are a contester and want the amp (transformer and
>other components) to run cool. What would you be considering with regard to
>a replacement transformer (make, model, specifications) or, if you were
>considering rewinding the original Triad core, what specs would you want?
>I copies the following from the Dahl site:
>04 65 $425.00
>PR) 230 VAC 60 HZ HI-LO TAP S1) 3800/2800 VAC @ 600MA CCS
>DM) HT = 8.250 WT = 6.250 DT = 8.150 MD = 7.000 MW = 5.000 WT = 65.2 LBS
>I was surprised the Triad was rated at only 600ma. If I'm going to get this
>rewound up here (I live in Toronto), and the transformer must remain the
>same dimensions, can the specifications be improved upon (i.e., 800 ma, or
>1,000 ma)?
>Should I decide to buy an new transformer, can any you suggest a
>manufacturer, website if available.
>Any other pertinent info that I haven't thought of would also be
>Post to reflector, please.
>73, Paul Hicks.
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