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[AMPS] File Compacting

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Subject: [AMPS] File Compacting
From: (Steve Iezzi)
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 16:59:03 -0500
> Have been deleting a lot of files appearing on Amps lately,  hi.  Anyway,
> today  I get a window from Outlook Express advising I have a lot of
> "wasted"space in  email files,  would I like to Compact them now.
> So I clicked yes.  I rather assumed that when something was deleted
> it was gone from the hard drive.  Evidently not.  Also learned that when
> you click on the main File/Folder you also have the option to "Compact"
> all files of the program,  even the ones you are saving?
> What is going on?  Is every email I have ever sent or rcv'd somewhere
> on my drive in compacted form,  but never actually erased and eliminated?
> If so,  how can I get rid of this unwanted stuff?  And what does
> "compacting"
> mean in Microsoft lingo?
> 73,  Jim,  KH7M

Outlook Express saves mail in a single file as a linked list.  When a
message is deleted, it's marked as such in the list but still remains in the
file in some form.  When you compact the folder, the list is regenerated and
the unneeded data is truly deleted.  Newer MS POP3 mail software
automatically compacts the file by some smart algorithm but still functions
the same.

Hope this is helpful,

Steve KT4FY

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