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[AMPS] File Compacting

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Subject: [AMPS] File Compacting
From: (Bill Henderson)
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 13:57:48 +0000
Eudora and some other e-mail programs allow mailbox compacting. When
you delete a file, the space it took up is still there. Sometimes even
after using scandisk and defrag utilities. Compacting reclaims this
wasted space.
Think of it as moving the walls of your garage (the in box, out box or
trash box) out one foot or so every now and again to accomodate more
junk. This foot of space is taken from your house (hard drive). But
eventually you listen to your wife and throw out a lot of the junk. It
would be nice to reclaim the extra space as living space for your
house, so you push the walls back to where they started. This is
"compacting" the mailbox (or garage).
BTW... it takes quite a bit to actually get rid of files from your hard
drive. Many companies insist that hard drives be reformatted three
times or more (sometimes even low level formatted) before equipment can
be sold as surplus. I believe that an application called "Norton
Overwrite" will als obscure all data on the drive by overwriting every
track and sector with "garbage" data. 

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